Hi Friends !!
Reminder that that the last day to cancel and get a full refund is June 1st. After that date there will be NO REFUNDS.
We are going home for the weekend and I am going to try and be off my phone as much as possible so I can enjoy family and friend time. Starting Tuesday this group will be moving quickly with updates and information.
If you have friends that are registered, but are not in the facebook group, PLEASE encourage them to join us. This is the first place info will be posted. The website blog will be updated when Shawn Bashaw has time to do it for us and based on the amount of you that had said you are not receiving email, that will no longer be an option to get out general info for the crop.
I will only be sending out one more email and this is going to be to confirm T-shirt sizes and the group you have down to be seated with. That will be going out on Monday May 29th something during the day.
Also, going forward.. ALL QUESTIONS AND REQUEST will only be answered via email. I have to keep all things in one place to make sure nothing is missed. PLEASE use cheri.vallery@gmail.com and in the subject please put what the email is about (KAITLYNS CROP – SEATING for example)
One Last thing, this group is for REGISTERED CROPPERS only. If you have friends who are interested in learning more about Kaitlyn’s Crop, please direct them to the main crop page here