Craftcooterie Supply List

Craftcooterie Supply List

Tag and Card – Lynn Villareal

  • scissors and wet glue and pop dots


Shaker Card – Tracy Pullen

  • ½ Score Tape
  • Tape Runner
  • Wet Glue
  • ¼ Foam Tape – THICK – you will be using this to make the shaker box
  • Complete Marci



  • Paper Trimmer
  • Score Board
  • Liquid Adhesive
  • Dry Adhesive
ONE WEEK!   Important Details

ONE WEEK! Important Details

Can you believe we are 7 days away from Kaitlyn’s Crop 2022 Rainbows of Fun !!!! And I cannot believe we are going into year FIFTEEN !!! In my wildest dreams, I did not think we would still be doing this when we started the crop.
A few things to go over for next week – this is a LONG post
1. Doors for the waiting area will open at 11:30am This time is FIRM. You will be able to unload in the front this year. There is a circle driveway that you can park for a SHORT TIME to unload, but you cannot stay there while bringing your stuff in. We are going to have some helpers there and a few carts to help you get it in the building, but once you get your stuff in the building you will have to go and park your car.
2. Check in is at NOON. We will not let anyone in earlier then NOON.
3. Once you get to your seat and realize that Mary needs to be sitting next to Jane but they are across from one another DO NOT MOVE ANYONE THAT IS NOT IN YOUR GROUP TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. There could be multiple groups in a row and I used all OF my TETRIS skills to get everyone where they requested. AGAIN .. DO NOT MOVE ANYONE THAT IS NOT IN YOUR GROUP.
4. If you do change seats, you must let us know in the front. The seating chart is how we find people for secret sister. Also, if the table is labeled GS .. DO NO MOVE THEM. Garage Sale ladies need to be in the seat assigned. We need to be able to find them with questions.
5. We will have a snack bar with candy and salty snacks as well as unlimited water, soda and coffee for the entire weekend.
6. If you are cold, bring a blanket and if you are hot, bring a fan. We try to keep the temperature where everyone is comfortable but there are times when it is can be cold and or hot.
7. We do our best to make sure that there are electricity connections run under the table before you get there, but you will still need to bring an extension cord (longer the better)
8. We play music .. all the time … sometimes loudly if it is a good dance song 😃 .. Please bring headphones if this will bother you.
9. We have a schedule .. it will be posted .. I will try my best to stick to the schedule , but I tend to do times in ‘ISH. The only things that will be for sure on time are the classes, because I am not in charge of them .. we will play bingo .. but it may be at 3:15 instead of 3:00 .. ISH TIME
10. Saturday at 3:30pm we have the Foundation Presentation and then the Raffle drawing. This will be on time.
11. There are some pretty amazing raffle prizes this year and ticket will be on sale Friday morning to give us time to get them all set up on Thursday. We will NOT run out of tickets, Jon has been working hard on getting the packs together for you. We have three levels of tickets .. ORANGE, PURPLE and RED. Prices are as follows. All proceeds from the raffle go to fund the scholarships
Orange Tickets Purple Tickets Red Tickets
$1 each $5 each $10 each
$5 for 7 Tickets $20 for 5 Tickets $40 for 5
$10 for 15 Tickets
$20 for 40 Tickets
The MOST important thing to remember is to have FUN, meet new friends and spend time with your buddies. I promise you will laugh, cry, laugh some more and everything in between. Kaitlyn’s Crop is a labor of LOVE for Jon and I as well as our awesome team. We really do want this to be the best weekend ever.
See you next week and if there are any questions ask away.
❤ Cheri


Hi my friends .. we are only FIFTEEN days away from the crop and deadlines fast approaching 😀
This is the last call for meals .. I have been given a couple of extra days to get the count to the caterer .. I will be closing the link Thursday morning at 8am
Class Info — We still have spots available in some of the classes
We only have a few spots left for Craftacooterie .. If you would like to join in the fun please send payment via venmo or Paypal
Jeanne has a few spots left in both of her sewing classes
Coloring with Becky has 13 spots left
All info for classes can be found here 
Crop Layouts 
Both layouts still have kits left.  if you want to make sure you have one you can preorder now and it will be at your table when you check in
Please check back here this weekend for more info and details about Kaitlyn’s Crop Rainbows of Fun !!! It is almost time for us to have the best time ever 
See you soon
Last Call – Layout Pre-Order

Last Call – Layout Pre-Order

Last call for layout pre order to guarantee you have one.
Chasing Rainbows and Sunshine and Rainbows are limited quantity.
If you don’t have your order in by 9:00 pm CST,  June 17, 2022.
I cannot be sure we will have extras at the crop.
Layout 1 Chasing Rainbows
Layout 2 Rainbows and Sunshine
$22 each – Use the instructions and payment links below
More info can be found on Facebook


We are going to try something new’ish at the crop this year. I got the idea from something similar I did at CKU in 2008. It is a mini class round robin .. or what I am calling CRAFTACOOTERIE 😀
You will decorate a cookie using the wet on wet technique, using etching cream to make a super cute ornament, make a mini album using a 12×12 sheet of paper and scraps, make a card and tag using 3D shaker shapes and make a card using LA LA Land Craft’s Jump for Joy Marco (stamp is included in the price of the event)
You will do all projects in the class time .. moving from one project to the next with your “group”.
Once you are done, you will have 4 projects, a cookie and a cute stamp 😃
Join us Friday July 8th from 3-5:30 cost is $35
Paypal or Venmo
Sewing Class with Jeanne

Sewing Class with Jeanne

Jeanne Phelps Jones will be teaching two sewing classes at the crop this year
Jeanne learned to sew, as a young teen, from her Grandmother. After nearly 50 years of making garments, quilting and other sewing projects, she began teaching 2 years ago.
Her focus in these classes has been helping beginners learn about their machines and complete easy projects to develop their self confidence.
Please comment here if you are interested.
Jeanne accepts the following for payment
Venmo @Jeanne-Jones-47
PayPal @JJones281 (Family & Friends).
Learn Your Sewing Machine – Friday 1:30pm – 2:30pm $20
Have a new sewing machine and don’t know how to use it? Or maybe you have a sewing machine you haven’t used in awhile and need a refresher on how to use it? Come learn your sewing machine and make a drawstring bag approximately 10×15 in size as a simple project. Fabric, ribbon and thread will be provided.
Additional supplies needed are:-
Sewing machine including power cord, foot pedal and bobbin
Straight pins or clips are optional
Magic Pillowcase – Saturday 10am to 11am $30
Beginner friendly project to make a Magic Pillowcase with French seams to fit a standard size bed pillow! You need to know how to use your machine and will include straight stitching, pinning and ironing. Fabric for the pillow case is included and
Additional items you will need are:
Sewing machine including power cord, foot pedal and bobbin
Polyester thread in neutral color (white or beige)
Straight pins or clips (like Clover clips)
Small iron and surface to iron on is optional
We will have a few full size irons and ironing boards for sharing if you don’t have your own small iron and surface.
The photos are EXAMPLES of what you will be making .. fabric will be different from that shown in the pictures